The Beliefs Of How People Learn Essay

The Beliefs Of How People Learn Essay

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How People Learn
Seth Martin
Rowan Cabarrus Community College
June 29, 2015
ENG 111

How People Learn
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the beliefs of how people learn. The questions to be address are as follows: Are humans born good, bad or neutral? What is the impact of heredity and the environment on human development and learning? How does a society decide what children should learn through the different periods of development? Who should be responsible during these different periods? What is learning? Understanding the way children learn can assist educators and other professionals in helping the children reach their full potential in life.
Humans born good, bad or neutral
The question are humans born good, bad or neutral has been one I enjoyed discussing in the past with classmates during college because one will receive a variety of unique responses. My initial response is to say humans are born neutral because they have no exposure to the world, and all babies are innocent when they enter the world. However, one must take heredity into consideration. If a parent has a genetic disorder this will pass down to the child, or if the mother did not take proper care of herself during the early stages of pregnancy the child will have exposure to elements that could alter the child’s mental development. I do not believe there is a correct answer for this question. He or she should view the question with an open mind and one should look at the individual child or person because there may be extenuating circumstances that one should not overlook.
Heredity and environment on human development and learning
Heredity is from the biological parents and includes the skin, eye and hair color and any type o...

... middle of paper ...

...entor, and assist the child as he or she becomes a young adult and becomes responsible for him or herself.
Learning occurs daily in each person’s life whether he or she realizes it or not. We must address the different ways in which individuals learn. With regard to students in school if one way of learning is not working for a child then another way must be made available to assist the child. If we are learning from the past, as we should, then humans will continue to become stronger and better able to understand and help others in our world.

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