Beliefs And Practice Of The Many Indigenous Religions Essay

Beliefs And Practice Of The Many Indigenous Religions Essay

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Reflection Module 1 Essay
Beliefs and practice of the many indigenous religions throughout the world are infinitely different in many different ways. We are about to take a dive on the wild side of the many indigenous groups that are planted throughout the world. To start off this conversation and reflection paper, there are a few topics that will be focused on that will include some of the communal beliefs and practices directly correlated with religion that binds them to a greater sacred reality, some of the proper relationships inside of the indigenous ways of life, address some of the suitable ways the indigenous people utilize their ritual(s), symbol(s), and myth(s), and an explanation of how these indigenous religions stay connected together as communities.
There are numerous styles and practices that are shared inside of “religion” as it were. The first sacred reality that seems to resound inside of most core practicing communities include seeing “the reality as immanent” which implies that they are experiencing the sacred reality in the present tense (Fisher 10). Living in the present reality for most of the indigenous religions is fairly common placed. I have observed this in my own life, because I am reading the Bible with a mindset that is current and relevant to my own life and lifestyle that I live. Another great communal practice that is shared among a range of indigenous religions is “the intimate connection with their local landscape” where the groups are “connected” to their surroundings (Fisher 10). These connections may include the “trees, mountains, animals” and most every living entity that exudes a sacred presence (Fisher 10). In reflection of this practice, I observe this on a daily basis, as with s...

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...r the church to keep with the times.
To close in this broad look at the indigenous religions and their many acts of submission to their religious belief system, I would like to briefly readdress what has been expounded on in this paper. The topics that were discussed included some of the communal beliefs and practices directly correlated with religion that bind them to a greater sacred reality, some of the proper relationships inside of the indigenous ways of life, the account of some of the suitable ways the indigenous people utilize their ritual(s), symbol(s), and myth(s), and a clarification of how these indigenous religions have stayed connected together as communities. After all that has been stated, I can contentedly say that these elements that were explained are what preserve our community together as whole inside of the sacred division of the world.

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