Essay about Belief in God is Not Made Unreasonable by Science

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I will argue against the ability of science to demonstrate that belief in God is unreasonable. I will do this by showing that science cannot even answer the simple question of where do its laws come from and how did they come into being. If science cannot even answer this simple question how it hope to answer the much more difficult question of is there a God. As science cannot answer the question of whether or not God exists it cannot make belief in God unreasonable. Science is limited in its scope therefor there are questions it cannot answer. The origin of its own laws is one of these questions as is the existence of God.
1. If science demonstrates that belief in God's existence is unreasonable, then science can explain the origin of the fundamental laws of the universe.
2. Science does not explain the origin of the fundamental laws of the universe.
3. So, science does not demonstrate that belief in God's existence is unreasonable.

If science cannot explain the origin of the laws which are the foundation for all of hypothesis and theorems this gives rise to truth that there are things which are outside the scope of natural science. If there are things outside of the scope of natural science then science cannot claim make belief in God unreasonable as God could be one of the things outside of the scope of science.
First we need to define what we mean by the laws of science. These include the laws of physics, the laws of mathematics, the laws of chemistry, and the laws of biology. Things like sociology, psychology, and philosophy are all outside of the scope of natural laws. Scope can be defined as the area of influence over which the laws of nature can be used. For example the law of gravity can be used to determine ...

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...s originate therefore it cannot demonstrate that belief in God is unreasonable. By not being able to answer the question of where its laws come from it has shown there are things outside of its scope. As God could be something that is outside of the scope of science then belief in God cannot be seen as unreasonable.

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