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School is useless! Why do we have to stay in crowded room with weird people, being taught weird stuff? Well students don 't really realized it but there 's a reason for learning these so called useless stuff. From elementary and through a student’s academic career, students would have to sit through hours and hours of lectures and session trying to get the years over with. All students has the ambitions to do well and get job and be prosperous. However most of the time that wouldn 't happen because students would be half hearted into the their work and they would not believe the fact that the subjects like math, reading, science and ect. would come back to bite them at their rear. shockingly enough, a lot of the things accomplished by man is all done by the things they learned in school. If anything most things that this generation 's has wouldnt be possible if didn 't have subjects that are being taught in schools. Subjects that we learned in school are useful for days after your academic career. However which subject should a major in that would benefit me the most?
Math is a general statement on what subject that is useful. For years there has been countless amounts of situations that math was involved, most of the times it 's done unconsciously. All of the equations that are learned in preschool comes all the way back.If anything, the things you learn in class my come back to save the day. Math almost runs the world. Elizabeth Hoyt, author of “11 College Courses You must Take”, states that “Involved in so many of our business and financial decisions, statistics often seem to make the world go round” (par15). Without math all the engineering that has been accomplished would been non existent.
In a job, no one is going to hire ...

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... has no idea how to speak the language the owner speak. That is why language is so important especially in New York, where it so diverse in every sections. Many people has taken up jobs to where they have to be a translator. This job can be found in many places like big corporations, and even the white house.
Another major is medical. Majoring in the art of medicine is probably the most difficult and tedious task to achieve. In medicine , it is required to have knowledge of biology, chemistry, autonomy, and other courses that includes the body. when someone is learning about medicine than most of the time it 's usually because the goal is become a doctor. However just having knowledge of medicine can be a good thing to have. For example if a family needs help then and they have no clue on what to do. As a person who actually has an idea on a conjuring a solution.

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