Being Rules Under Rule of Law Essay

Being Rules Under Rule of Law Essay

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There is a Centuries long debate as to why our Nation’s Founding Fathers chose for us to

be ruled under rule of law instead of rule of man. Our Founding Fathers founded this nation on a

promotion “We the People”. They ruled that we should be led under the rule of law rather than

the rule of man for multiple reasons. Our government now though is stipulating whether or not

the old American government made the right choice, when compared to other foreign countries.

At the very beginning of our country the Constitution was not meant to be read as a collection a

suggestions rather as a way to get men away from their old tendencies. Those were the days

where the rights of the average man were the top priority of the government. Today however we

need to remember that the rule of the law is supposed to focus on the rights of the citizens and

not on who is wearing what in Hollywood. Over the years we have ruined our government, even

Woodrow Wilson said, “I have unwillingly ruined my government.” The factors now included in

Rule of Law are a little different than they were 250 years ago. To find out why the Founding

Fathers Chose Rule of Law we need to look at several reasons why our nations’ officials like or

don’t like the rule of law. We must also look at whether the factors are too much at this point for

our nations to change and go another way with our leadership and the way we run our country.

The rule of law is required by the government to exercise its power with clearly written

rules, legal principles, and regulations. In a rule of law system the government keeps guidelines,

our constitution, setting our way of governing. In the other Countries they don’t always agree

with the way we rule and vic...

... middle of paper ...

...ent officials, old and new, act as the way of

our government. The last reason why people now think that the reason they chose Rule of law is

because if we were ruled under Rule of Man following the constitution would be harder because

of the way the way our government was going to be projected they thought that Rule of Law

would be the best fit. Now that we look back on the reasons the Founding Fathers chose Rule of

Law rather than Rule of Men and should be thankful we did because if they had gone any other

ay with our government who knows where we could be now. The foreign countries that function

the way we do are running successfully, because of the path that we set forth in the late 1700s.

So we must say how lucky we are to live in the best country ever because of the way we are run

and the choices our Founding Fathers made about 250 years ago.

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