Being Left Handed Is A Blessing Not A Curse Essay

Being Left Handed Is A Blessing Not A Curse Essay

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Successful individuals come in all packages. What makes one person different from another does not define their victory in life. Do blonds have more fun than brunettes? Are blue eyed girls prettier than brown eyed girls? Are right-handers smarter than left-handers? Each of these questions above deal with being different and having that difference affect the success of the individual. Being left-handed is a blessing not a curse. Does a left-handed person have an advantage or a disadvantage? Left-handed folks are special. They have the ability to live in a world geared mainly toward right-handed members of society and flourish to great heights. It is proven that, on average, there is no significant difference in IQ between righties and lefties (Wang, 2011). Does being born left-handed create difficulties for success or does it prove to be a unique trait that can promote notable achievements? Even though such a small percentage of human beings in the population today possess left-handedness, this paper will show that being left-handed can and does create intelligent and creative people.
This year a study from Milson showed extremely low numbers for left-handed births. The chances of having a left-handed child for: two right-handed people is nine percent, with a left-handed father only it jumps to twelve percent, with a left-handed mother it creeps to sixteen percent, and if both parents are left-handed it is an eventual twenty percent (Milson, 2014). Parents who are left-handed will have a much higher chance than parents who are right-handed for giving birth to a left-handed child. Interestingly enough, lefties in the British royal family include: the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and ...

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...s not to be looked at as being a hindrance to success. Left-handed people can do anything they set their mind to. In the human anatomy, which is otherwise dominated by duplication, there is a curious anomaly of handedness which in almost every case one works better than the other (Hoffer, 2005). It is not bad or good either hand that is chosen, it is confirmed that there is no weakness or inability to perform tasks. Results of this paper spark future consideration in areas where left-handers still notice right-handed preference. Staircases, fishing reels, frozen food doors which always open a certain way are just to name a few. August 13th is National Left-Hander’s Day, so next year make sure to show some support to those you know who are left-handed. Left-handers are able to be in such small percentages and sustain and become intelligent and creative people.

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