Essay on Being Gay Is Not A Choice

Essay on Being Gay Is Not A Choice

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Sexuality over the years has been defined and reshaped in many ways by different researchers and experts. In the CNN article, “Being Gay is not a Choice,” James Hormel defines sexuality as something that you are born with and cannot hide or ignore your true identity. In the article, Hormel recalls the times in his life where he felt alone and when he hid the truth. Hormel goes on to state how he “spent the first 35 years of my life trying real hard not to be gay”(Hormel, pg. 1). However, despite Hormel 's views I disagree with this article in many ways as it shows little evidence on how someone could in fact be born gay. An individual decides his identity and sexuality, which in most cases is tied together with how one is raised and the environment in which one is raised in. John Hormel’s article on sexuality can be countered by an article written John D’Emilio. His article, “Capitalism and Gay Identity” explore the historical moments and the development of sexuality through gay and lesbian moments. Sexuality is environmentally based and studies prove that there is no correlation between being gay at birth.
John D’Emilio credits capitalism as a defining moment in gays and lesbians liberation and unification at the end of the 1930’s. Under capitalism, Americans where given new freedoms that had never been experienced before. Americans had the ability to choose jobs and sell products of they 're own labor. This allowed citizens to be less reliant on others and rather on themselves. The new form of government allowed Americans to experience individuality, a new opportunity in inventing themselves and becoming unique. Simple things like choosing which car, clothes, home, or food you ate now allowed people to represent themselve...

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...contesting Hormel’s, “Being Gay is not a Choice,”. James Hormel on his CNN article explains how he spent most of his life trying not be gay. Hormel had an attraction to men but did not associate himself or identify as a homosexual. The difference between attraction and identification is vastly different. Individuals can find attraction to those of the same sex, but not consider themselves gay or lesbian because they have never experienced a homosexual situation or interaction with the same sex. People who identify themselves as gay or lesbian understands that they are only attracted to their own sex and have experienced relationships and situations that support this. Thus, the theory of gays and lesbians being born a certain way is false. Sexuality is a result of the society and the world we live in, where one can create their own identity and be who they want to be.

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