Being Free Within Society From Oppressive Limitations Essay examples

Being Free Within Society From Oppressive Limitations Essay examples

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Conditionally being free within society from oppressive limitations, or the right to pursue after whatever makes one subjectively happy is human instinct. Equality, Liberty, and alongside the pursuit of happiness goes among with visualizing a place in which the economy, social conditions, and government, are perfect is the interpretation of an immaculate culture. As ideas are formed absorbing conciseness from one person to another, so did the start of forming a society. Slowly human culture began arriving to decisions establishing in one place developing their own food, fabricating a system of letters, and constructing permanent homes creating the first civilizations. The multitude of people living with each other in a more or less ordered community has gone through trials in history. From the ancient Egyptian having slavery, to the peasant farmer toiling in subsistence for his lord in medieval feudalism, to the codified oppression of the market merchants by the state monopolies of mercantilism. Everyone is probably not going to live in perfect world, however perfection is the best people can do at that point in time, yet a utopia is a paradise that looks as if humans can never seem to maintain and accomplish in life In 1516 Thomas More published Utopia, which is the a beginning of the idea of a perfect society that was possibly the prominent humanist reform of a culture rebirth called the renaissance. More observes Six hour work days that were enough to contribute to a comfortable life in a community. Enough to produce plenty of everything if everyone contributes surprisingly, yet obvious if the unemployed, beggars or the people doing unnecessary work started to be instrumental in what the human race consumes. In uto...

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...a utopia and maintain the culture everyone has to be well educated for free making the world safer and more peaceful. Every person who is enlightened helps to contribute to a society and participates in the ongoing changes. Without education there is no innovation or even a stable civilization leading to a despotia. Having the earth’s resources as the common heritage for the people living on earth, and removing artificial boundaries for humans can go anywhere leads to a global utopia removing war, poverty, hunger, and every other problem caused by the modern economy. The liberty to pursue happiness along with a resource-based economy as well as an efficient government that is focused on the well being of the earth and every human being, however he key is education, which all enables this production of equality, happiness, and prosperity defining an immaculate culture

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