Being Faithful to Your Faith Essay examples

Being Faithful to Your Faith Essay examples

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In the Principles List discussion forum, answer the following two questions. Make your initial posting and then respond to two or more students’ postings.

What would you need to add in order to be faithful to your faith tradition?

This question is confusing, and ambiguous. Can you explain how exactly a faith tradition and theological distinctives are different? If you are a Christian you are in my faith tradition in my view =0) , but I'm sure we would disagree on many things on the latter. So I will default to what I said earlier; when I goto a church I'm looking for the Gospel, and not a law-preacher who spends his time manipulating people into doing the outward will of God, rather then preaching the word and waiting for God's spirit to wrought godly sorrow in our hearts causing us to desire to want God and His will to be done(2 corinthians 7). If someone has a better explanation of the question and you think I missed it, help me out.

Are there any theological distinctives that need to be represented in your list of biblical principles for worship design?

#1 I am a baptist, and we like to do the immersion thing =0) I am a member of a large church, so we basically have a videographer video tape a testimoney, and play it at the service, and then we dunk them (We have a baptismal pool under our worship stage). It isn't uncommon for me to walk in with a dull heart and mind and be so reassured by a new Christian's obedience to the word of God.

#2 We take the Bible seriously, and try to read it the way the original author meant for his audience to understand it. You won't hear very much talk about spiritual allegories, unless it actually is one. I know some churches who just seem to be able to take a bible verse an...

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...yes, hearts, and ears have been opened to your dependence on God and His provision. Our corporate prayers usually vary in length simply so that when people have a short prayer they don't feel obligated to fill the dead air with nonsense. Some guys pray short, and carefully, and some pray long and full of expression, keeping with their own God-given design, but no matter who is doing it, or how they are doing it, it just looks real (maybe the word affectionate, or heartfelt) When I think of prayer flops I think of the ones that are done by people who are trying to include all of the "faiths" So they will pray something very general and nonoffensive to anyone (except the atheists).

#5 I would include the three other things I mention above on this list as well.

When I think of my church and what I would strive for in leading worship I think this is a good start.

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