Being Exposed With Sickness At An Early Age Essay

Being Exposed With Sickness At An Early Age Essay

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Being exposed to sickness at such an early age has changed/ shaped me into the person that I am today. I refuse to let it stop me from reaching my goals or have others pity me because of not only my mother’s sickness or mine.
When I was in my mother’s womb, I already knew I was the baddest with a capital B! Throughout these long 31 years I have been more than Blessed with a capital B! At the age of six or seven my mom started to get sick, which meant “change”. I’m not to happy about this, being that my mother is sick we have to move back to the small town of Bethel. But moving back to Bethel wasn 't all that bad altogether. I made some of my closest friends, but that’s another story.
With my mama being sick I had to become independent at a very young age. Coming home from school, most kids would have at least one of their parents waiting for them at the bus stop, but in my case it was totally different. Either I had an aunt, uncle or cousin; that was alright but I would rather have had my mom or dad. Being the youngest of 5, my family always wanted me to worry about school than my mother’s health. I did as I was told, I didn’t let my home problems get involved with my school life.
From kindergarten up to about fourth grade, I was a good student as in turning in all my work, doing my homework, basically all the things that your suppose to do. The summer of me going into the fifth grade, my life took a turn for the worst. My mom had gotten a lot better, well at least I thought she did. We were finally back in our home, not living with family anymore. My mom had started working again, another plus, and also another blessing again, all I could do was thank the Lord.
My mom had dropped me off at school one day, an...

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... just two years older than me but apparently he was meant to be my soulmate. After we back in speaking terms we talked for years then we finally decided to settle down and get married, eventually the kids will come but neither one of us was rushing it being we were both working individuals. All wells doesn’t always ends well this thing called sickness just wouldn 't leave me alone just when things start going great for me or when I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel here it comes getting in my way or holding me down, being the strong minded person I am I fight doesn 't let it break me.
Sickness has always been my enemy. Thought out our many battles it has taught me many value blue life lessons . It has always tried to conquer me but then again with me being the bravest with a capital B ! I will continue to fight this battle & will ultimately overcome it!

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