Being Exposed At The Economic World Has Changed My Life Drastically Essay

Being Exposed At The Economic World Has Changed My Life Drastically Essay

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Being exposed to the economic world has changed my life drastically, recently having to take up a “part time” job to help pay for my college expenses has been very difficult. Trying to balance being a fulltime student, as well as a “part time” worker has been extremely hard, having to make sacrifices, with financial dissensions, social life, time and family. I chose to research more into how other working students; especially retail working students take all of this that is thrown at them. I wanted to see if they had the same experiences that I do, as well as the same issues I have, with managing working and going to school.
According to the department of labor, “Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor does not define full-time employment or part-time employment. This is a matter generally to be determined by the employer. Whether an employee is considered full-time or part-time does not change the application of the FLSA.” With this an employers can work their
work within to week to be considered part-time is anything less than 30 hours, and then to be considered a full-time worker one must be working on average 35hours or more within that span of a week. So if some jobs don’t want to higher a full-time worker because they would have to provide benihits, then they would just increase there full-time hours limit, or just scedual everyone less hours, not having to deal with giving these working students any working benefits with the company they work for.
Most students who were interviewed in Clare Parks “Working at the mall: The retail clothing experience” working on her degree of master of arts, showed that throughout their work weeks they found it difficult to find time other than things that were caused by work. Some work...

... middle of paper ... paied two dollars for every person we get to sign up to apply for a store credit card. This is something that is seen as tedious and annoying, this is a job that workers do not want to ask, as well as something that costumers don’t want to hear as well. The companies used their young workers, and there vulnerability In order to get people to do what they want. Young working students are in need of money, so the companies use this to there advantage, and get what they need form all angles. Compnies know that workers in need will do anything just for a little extra cash form their work place.
Being a working student today is not an easy thing to accomplish, there are many things one must be able to control, and take care of in order of being a successful working student. Being a working student may have its dilemmas, but it is not an impossible thing to carry out.

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