Being Ethically Sound Is An Important Part Of Being An Organization Essay

Being Ethically Sound Is An Important Part Of Being An Organization Essay

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Being ethically sound is an important part of being an organization, through having policies in place on how things should be and the expectations of employee’s behavior benefits organizations. Suar, D., & Khuntia, R. (2010) expresses personal employee values and unethical practices at work behaviors all influence organizations. As a manager it is important to understand the influence that ethics has on the way on organization runs, and the problems an organization could face when dealing with unethical behavior.
Having ethical concepts within the workplace will promote a strong public image for the organization itself. Having good ethical conduct will promote customer respect, which will in turn increase customer activity because customers like to do business with organization that has high values. Having a good ethical conduct within employees will maintain the quality of work and the rate of productivity that employee’s performance. BLR (2015) mentions when employees work under ethical standards and follow the standards that they do not cut corners and work productively for organizations.
It is necessary to understand the importance of the values an organization holds and how all these different values should be considered when hiring employees to ensure that employees meet the needs of the organization. Through taking these extra measures organizations have the ability to weed through candidates and choose employees that are most likely to perform well and have high values ethically. Without determining the values of employees and if one does not understand how the ethics of an individual can impact an organization, then they will face risks of stealing, lying, and cheating.
There is such a high cost in relation to hirin...

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...ulture and values of the organization is instilled. Employees need to feel that they can communicate adequately with management, about issues or concerns that they have in regards to ethics.
More over, it would be important for them to apply reinforcement of the expectations and have continuous training on the different policies and procedures to prevent any type of incident from occurring. As managers it is also important to conduct ethical checklist to monitor risks to the organization and make necessary changes when assessing that are needed. Aside from having management monitor employees and their ethical conduct, Zablow (2006) describes that it is important to have risk managers in place for an organization as well. Risk managers have the ability to identify financial and reputational damages that corporation may fees due to employees behaving unethically.

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