Essay about Being Educated By Top School Systems

Essay about Being Educated By Top School Systems

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​​My life has always been great, though there were hard obstacles I had to face, but with family anything is possible. My parent’s decision to live in Columbia when I was in my early stages in life, help fulfill important things in my life and give me better opportunities to be successful. For instance, being educated by top school systems help me understand the importance in life and working hard will make you successful in life. It taught me that time is valuable and that I shouldn’t waste my time doing things that wouldn’t benefit me or get me in trouble for. Living in Columbia, the top percentile of people you see are either upper or middle class and my family falls in the middle class side. The upside is that the neighborhoods are peaceful and quiet, I live close to the mall if I need to shop or grab something to eat, there is a concert spot where you can listen to different kind of famous people perform, the area is diverse and cultural so you wouldn’t feel like an outsider, and the communities provide a safe environment for you to live in. The downside is that it is boring for teens, and living in a neighborhood with the only house in the area causes problems. Columbia has always taught me to focus on my education and if I didn’t live in Columbia, than I would see myself as some who didn’t care about life.
​Despite being shy in front of big crowds, I loved playing football. I started playing the game in sixth grade with my friend and we were pretty good. But we would always lose to this one team. I believe it was because they were faster than us and they were more experienced than us. Also the players on my team were selfish and always wanted the spotlight. We decided that we needed to work as a team in order to make it ...

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...n power than something bad could happen, which you are starting to see more and more of on the news, with someone of color being killed by police officers. This was a mistake and I learned from it, that you shouldn’t go somewhere that won’t benefit you in a positive way. You have to make smart decisions in life that would benefit you and that would help you succeed in life and if you don’t than you would end up in a bad place or have nothing.
​Despite a few setbacks in my life, it has been very interesting. I have done a lot of amazing and stupid things, but I learned the right and wrongs in life. My family has helped me overcome the mistakes I have made and it made me the person I am today. I have a different perspective on life that I hope would take me in a positive direction. I look forward to the next chapters in my life and I hope it leads to success. ​

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