Essay about Being Different Isn 't A Bad Thing

Essay about Being Different Isn 't A Bad Thing

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“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.” All of us, humans, go through our own experiences and no one can do that for us. Those experiences make us who we truly are, and what we’re set out to be. This is my story…
I was born in Marshalltown, Iowa. My parents lived in Tama, Iowa and after a year we moved to West Union. After 6 months, they moved to Ridgeway, since then I’ve been living in Ridgeway. My first five years of my life I was usually home alone on weekdays because both of my parents worked. Occasionally my uncle would be home from work so some days he would watch me. When I first started Kindergarten, I didn’t know any English, neither did my parents. I grew up speaking only Spanish. It was a struggle for me every day at school and it didn’t help that I’m also shy. Everyday after school, I would come home and cry all afternoon until I cried myself to sleep every night. After three years of struggling in school I finally knew English, and after that I worked for everything because I was new at this. My parents are new to this to about going to school then college, but they were taking it step by step.
Finally it was my last year at Ridgeway Elementary School, and many people were sad because the school was closing for good. I wasn’t sad because my father told me to act cold hearted because no one in this world actually cares except for one or two people other than that. People use you; they’ll use you until you’re not needed like for example, they might be lonely so they act like your best friend. Until they find someone to replace you, it’s a cycle. Every day I remember that he always told me, “Brandy, you don’t need best friends, friends, or anything like that. Much less a boyfri...

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... them every second throughout the day. I was told to be cold hearted as possible. Every time someone would ask me, “What’s wrong? Or I like you.” I wouldn’t share my feelings or thoughts because of what my parents told me. Often my relationships would end because of I wouldn’t speak about my feelings.
One of my old best friends… Carmen. We grew up together for a little while, and left… I never saw her till my sophomore year. I was glad to see her. I miss her some days… but then I remember I’m better off alone. Every time I see her at school it’s odd because all those memories come back to me. Then seems like every one I met left me. I never really knew why. I guess that’s another reason I’m always waiting for people to leave. I could keep coming with experiences. Then this paper would be never ending. Those are just a few of the many things that make me who I am.

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