Being Detective Summers From Homicide Essay

Being Detective Summers From Homicide Essay

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I won’t say that I was spoiled just fortunate, to marry a great man, and live in a gated community. Jerry and I married four years earlier and hadn’t started our family yet. He was a partner in a successful real estate business with his best friend, Tony. Life was good, until I suspected problems, but Jerry denied it, then life became painful.
After shopping all morning, I drove down the driveway opened my garage door, took my time getting my packages from the trunk and going into the house. I heard the doorbell ringing as I unlocked the back door. When I went to the door, a man dressed in a suit was standing on the front porch and said, “I’m looking for Nancy Hawkins.”
“I’m Nancy Hawkins.”
“Is Jerry your husband?”
“He sure is. Why do you ask?”
“I’m Detective Summers from homicide and I’m here to inform you, your husband was found dead this afternoon.
When I heard the word “ dead” I screamed and fell on the floor. Sobbing,“How can that happen? Who would do that? Where did you find him? I talked to him around ten o’clock this morning, and he was fine.”
“Early this afternoon, Angela Washington called a neighbor and asked her to check something in her house. When the neighbor entered the house, she found two deceased males lying on the living room floor. We’re investigating the deaths, at the moment, we have no clues. She found another deceased man a few away and identified him as Tony Washington.”
“Oh, my God, Tony was my husband’s business partner.”
“Do you have someone I can call to be with you? I need to get in touch with his family.
“His wife Angela works at the office, the number’s in the book on the table, please call her, and ask her to come over, ” I said pointing to a table. When Angela a...

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... it might short out and I would lose my food. When she entered my house the first thing she was Jerry and Tony lying on the living room floor. She called the police and then called me. I screamed and put on a big show for the police and neighbors as I explained what I found when I entered the house.
I’m sure now that you are aware of what happened, you will call the police, and they’ll come after me. That’s okay, because I want to tell you, I loved Tony, but’d never share him with another man. I want to talk with you, please, call me before you call the police.
Signed, Angel
My hand shook while dialing her number, “I just now read your letter. Would you come over so we can talk?”
The first thing Angela wanted to know when she entered my house was, “Are you calling the police?”
“Of course not, who wants to live with a cheating husband?”

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