Essay about Being Appointed Communication Manager of Microsoft

Essay about Being Appointed Communication Manager of Microsoft

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Report on business communications Of Microsoft

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• A) The organizational context of business communications for Microsoft Incorporation

• B) New product launch (Technology experts communicating with customers) and complaints to and from (Microsoft Inc receiving communications from customers and resolving those issues).

• C) Software development has a difficult time communicating. As a result of this a lot of time is spent in meetings which take up too much time, and never seem to yield positive results.

A) You have been appointed communications manager for Manager for Microsoft Inc. Write a report (using the standard business report format) on the current communications strategy at Microsoft Inc. On the way they use business communications. Analysis in your report should consider (and provide evidence of):

1) Microsoft Incorporation is an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing, technology, and more we will explain later. The company was founded by two good friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen, on the 4th of April 1975 Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1980 the company then moved its headquarters to Washington D.C where we are today
2) Corporate governance at Microsoft serves several purposes. Establish and preserve management accountability to Microsoft's owners appropriately distributing rights and responsibilities among Microsoft Board members, managers and shareholders. Provide a structure through which management and the Board set objectives and monitor performance. Strengthen and safeguard ...

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...s of good teamwork and how you don't always need good relationship to achieve a common goal.
Team Dynamics – Team dynamics can be good for example, when they improve overall team performance and/or get the best out of individual team member. They can also be bad for example when they cause unproductive conflict demotivevation, and prevent the team from achieving its goal, running corporate team building events represent a major investment, not just of cost but also of staff and management time. Team dynamics are created by the nature of the teamwork, the personality within the team , their working relationship with others and the environment within the team work.

Guild line for meetings- Be punctual, All department should have there own meeting first., have agenda ready 2 day before meeting, manage your own input-no long speeches, listen actively to others.

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