Being An Entrepreneur Is A Life Commitment Essay

Being An Entrepreneur Is A Life Commitment Essay

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Being an entrepreneur, is advanced citizenship, you have to want it real bad. Entrepreneur is not entitlement. Being an entrepreneur is a life commitment. Like in the movie Wall Street, a famous line was "You can 't be a little bit pregnant." The fact is you can 't be an on again, off again entrepreneur.

Being a student of success you will find there are varying traits but consistent ones, that lean toward success. It is your personality, your inner drive that will make you successful. Once you identify those traits, your journey as an entrepreneur will lead to success. Here now is THE list. See what you have and what you will need to acquire to achieve:

1. WHY? Develop your "why". As an entrepreneur, not all times you have in business will be perfect. In fact, there will be many, many difficulties along the way. However, if you can develop your why, you can achieve success. Your why must be this personal, passionate, emotional drive that keeps you going, when the world tells you to give up. It is the reason you commit and work so hard. Pushing on when it seems all the odds and world is against you. Your "why" becomes your driving will to wake up and do it again tomorrow.

2. Persistence. Persistence in the face of opposition. It is easy to be passionate when life and business is good. You will have the perfect mindset and attitude. However, what happens when the perfection stops and the hardships set in. Will you drive forward, with the same passion and commitment? The winners do. The successful entrepreneurs do. Persistence is the ingrained mindset of success. It truly does separate those that succeed from those that fail. Your persistence is what separates those that dream to achieve and those that achieve. Never give up.


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...ed. Belief is the most important trait that any person, any entrepreneur can have for ultimate success. It is the belief during the dark times, as you will be a hero in good, that will allow you to move forward. Never stop believing and you WILL succeed.

If you can master the traits of why, persistence, dreaming, envisioning success, skill, commitment, and belief you can be, do, have, all that you want in life as an entrepreneur. It is these committed skills that will wage success. Too many entrepreneurs that have had amazing ideas, fell short of the goal. Not because of business plan or intelligence, but the intangibles to success. That is why there is proof all around you the smartest person in the room, is not always the most success. Why? There intangibles left them short. You have a roadmap of the "inners" now it is time to believe and take massive action today.

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