Being An Educator As A Rewarding Profession Essay

Being An Educator As A Rewarding Profession Essay

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Imagine a school in an economically challenged community that had 75% parent participation. Teachers are paid like doctors and the standards of education are created with the entire child in mind. Those graduates would be world changers! It is a divine thought, but not the case. On the contrary, these are all challenges for Educators today. Educators take children as they are and mold them into productive members of society. Being an Educator is a rewarding profession, there is no superior sensation than observing young scholars prosper and flourish. There are numerous amounts of issues that challenge Educators today, some of which are lack of parental participation, teacher support, and teacher salary.
There are 24 hours in a day and the typical student spends only eight hours of the day in school. This means that there is sixteen hours for which are unaccounted. Are the majority of children in the companionship of their parents? The answer to that question is no! One of the most prodigious subjects is parent participation. A strong parent base in a low performing and economically challenged school does not exist. If parents were more involved in their child’s education student morale will increase. In addition, student’s conduct will change dramatically. Parental participation will aid to close the achievement gap and will assist the instructor with ongoing discipline issues that can transpire in the educational atmosphere.
It is extremely hard teaching thirty to fifty students in a classroom when the vast majority of your students are five to six grade levels below grade the level they are expected to complete. The field of education is a business that is always changing. The instructional model that former teachers used ma...

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...e next generation of future leaders to go to part-time job just to make ends meet. Every teacher should make a minimum of 55k annually.
Aristotle once said “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Education can be a rewarding profession if there were not so many obstacles interfering with the learning environment. The lack of parental participation, teacher salary, and consistent changes to instructional practices are the bitter roots. Seeing a child walk across the stage after a long strenuous journey is a priceless feeling. According to Pearson, America is ranked 14th overall in educational performance. If parents were more involved in their child’s education, in addition to teacher’s receiving a salary fit for a king, and educators receiving adequate support. America would return to the once glory of being ranked number one in the world again.

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