Being An African American Female Essay

Being An African American Female Essay

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Being an African American female in today’s society is almost as hard as being an African American male. There are so many factor playing against you, along with stereotypes attempting to hinder your success from the time that you are a little girl. I was born and raised in a predominantly white town, and went to all of the predominantly white schools within the district. I was also labeled as a gifted and talented child at a young age. So not only was I one of the few black individuals in my school. It also came down to me being the only black person in my classes at times. So of course, my teachers subliminally tried to place these stereotypes upon me in an effort to see if I would sink or swim within my environment. Each time, I proved them wrong. That was just in school. Outside of school, I was faced with so much worse. People, particularly the older Caucasian people, would always stare at me when I was out with my Caucasian friends. I could feel them judging me with each stare. At some points, they would actually walk up to me and start asking me stereotypical questions. I remember when I went to a restaurant one time with my white friends, and we were ready to order our food. The waitress, an older white lady, thought she was making a joke by asking me if I wanted the fried chicken. Everyone else laughed except for me. I am also always told that I am very well spoken and “well behaved” for my type. I always want to ask the people that say these things to me, “What is my type?” Just because some black women are loud, do not know how to carry themselves in public, etc. does not mean that all black women are like that. Unfortunately, that is just the stereotypical world that we live in.
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... do all of these different things to impress him. I straightened my hair and put on makeup in an attempt to adhere to the white standard of beauty. I also held back when it came to the way that I presented myself in conversations. I made sure that I spoke eloquently and did not adhere to the “typical African American female” stereotypes. All in all, I was trying to be someone that wasn’t me. He saw right through my persona and told me that he wanted to see the real me. Not the Brittany that I present to people while on a job interview. So on our second date, I wore my hair in its natural state, held casual conversations with him like I would with my friends, and he fell in love with what he calls my “preppy Oreo” personality. So in the end, instead of these factors playing a negative role in my relationship, they actually opened the door to me finding my true love.

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