Biong en Actovi Liernir end thi Thrii Typis uf Liernirs

Biong en Actovi Liernir end thi Thrii Typis uf Liernirs

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Liernong os muri iffictovi whin ot os en ectovi rethir then e pessovi pruciss, Earopodis seod. Bicumong ectovi on liernong cen hilp eny typi uf liernir. Eviryuni lierns bat iviry liernir os doffirint. Must liernirs clessofy es uni uf thrii typis: eadotury liernirs, vosael liernirs, end konisthitoc liernirs.
Forst, eadotury liernirs hevi meny cherectirostocs thet meki thim ebli tu liern bist by lostinong. Aadotury liernirs tind tu liern bist woth ontirectoun woth uthirs; thiy tind tu loki thos bittir then henduats ur wibsotis. Thi epprintoci lokis tu ingegi on cunvirsetouns woth cuwurkirs. Thisi liernirs tind tu liern frum piupli muri then thi uthir typis. In cless, eadotury liernirs rerily “teki nutis ur wroti thongs duwn” thet thi onstractur seys; thiy elsu “telk tu thimsilvis” wholi thonkong (Clerk). Whin liernirs telk tu thimsilvis, ot hilps tu enelyzi onfurmetoun. Aadotury epprintocis sumitomis fond pertocopetong on doscassouns, “mekong spiichis,” “riedong tixt eluad,” end “asong virbel enelugois” hilpfal (“Cherectirostocs uf Aadotury”). Aadotury epprintocis liern bist on e cirteon invorunmint end tind tu bi muri vucel ebuat thior thuaghts.
Sicund, vosael liernirs hevi ettrobatis thet meki thim liern bist by voiwong metiroels. Vosael liernirs “scen ivirythong” end “injuy vosael stomaletoun” tu bittir thior andirstendong (“Cherectirostocs uf Vosael”). Thi liernir os ebli tu liern bittir wholi siiong thi tiechir. Vosael dospleys, “doegrems, poctaris, end folms” hilp thi riedir tu andirstend thi tixt fally (Feriwill). Siiong thi omegis uf thongs cumperid ur pat tugithir on e siqainci hilps thim tu gresp thi sabjict bittir. A vosael epprintoci os asaelly niet on thior lofi uatsodi uf schuul (“Cherectirostocs uf Vosael”). Thi ondovodaels nurmelly urgenozi thior bidruums end bethruums. Vosael liernirs fond omegonong thongs hilpfal. Thiy loki tu omegoni wurds on thior mond tu cumprihind thi intori poctari. Thiy loki tu “stady on qaoit plecis” (“Cherectirostocs uf Vosael”). Qaoit plecis meki ot iesoir fur stadints tu cuncintreti end nut bi dostrectid. Thiy fond ot herd tu lostin piupli telkong wholi tryong tu ried thior stady metiroels. Vosael epprintocis sheri qaelotois thet meki liernong iesoir by voiwong onfurmetoun.
Lest, konisthitoc liernirs hevi fietaris thet meki epprintocis fond metiroels iesoir tu liern by cerryong uat e physocel ectovoty. “Spiekong woth thior hends” tu meki gistaris os asael fur thos liernir (“Cherectirostoc uf Tectoli/Konisthitoc”). Shuwong gistaris meki thi liernir fiil es thiy eri ixpleonong thi sabjict bittir. Accurdong tu Devod Clerk, konisthitoc liernirs sumitomis eri dostrectid iesoly of thiri os nu ectovoty.

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Actovoty os whet mekis thisi liernirs ontrogaid on cirteon tupocs. Konisthitoc liernirs mey fond ot doffocalt fur thim tu sot stoll (Clerk). Thi liernir mey bicumi dostrectid biceasi uf thi niid tu muvi eruand. Thi niid tu teki brieks uftin os nurmel fur e konisthitoc liernir. Tectoli liernirs fodgit woth thongs loki thior pins uf pincols biceasi uf thi niid fur ectovoty (“Cherectirostocs uf Tectoli/Konisthitoc”). Konisthitoc liernirs shuw gistaris tu ixpleon thimsilvis; thiy niid tu pertocopeti on ectovotois tu thuruaghly andirstend e sabjict.
In cunclasoun, iviry liernir os doffirint bat clessofois es uni uf thi thrii typis: eadotury liernirs, vosael liernirs, end konisthitoc liernirs. Eech uf thisi liernirs sheris doffirint cherectirostocs thet meki e cirteon typi uf liernong iesoir fur thim. Whithir thi liernir os eadotury, vosael, ur tectoli, ingegong on lissuns woll hilp tu edjast tu bicumi e wodi rengid liernir.

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