Being Abused And Your Mind Essay

Being Abused And Your Mind Essay

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As a school counselor one is passing through the halls acknowledging students as they prepare to leave for the day. You notice a student having problems gathering her things and attempt to assist her. The student is startled and practically jumps out of her skin. You reach to pick up her books and notice she has bruises on her arms. The student immediately thanks you and grab her books and walk away. You instantly assume the child is being abused and your mind is racing with thoughts of what to do. According to the ACA Code of Ethics (2005), (Standard B.2.a.) Counselors are held ethically responsible for protecting one from harm (Remley & Herlihy, 2010, p. 234). As a professional school counselor one should be aware of the state or district laws pertaining to abuse and neglect. One should also be knowledgeable of what their state’s constitutes as abuse and neglect. School counselor will encounter students that currently suffer from abuse and neglect and students that have been previous victims of abuse.
According to Virginia state laws, any person 18 or older, who receives training on abuse and neglect from the Department of Social Services, and is employed as a teacher or other employee of a private or public school is required to report child abuse or neglect. Although the law does not specifically state the school counselors as one who is legally and ethically required to report suspected cases of abuse or neglect because one works in school, however the role of the school counselor is to ensure that students are safe from harm. The school counselor is legally mandated to report suspected child abuse or neglect within 24 hours once they have reason to believe abuse or neglect has occurred. Suspected abuse or negl...

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...ponsibility to report suspected abuse, one also has a moral obligation to the student. The counselor should make every effort to help students cope with past and current abuse. Students deal with abuse according to their developmental level. Some students may become withdrawn from social interacting with others and may feel there is no need to achieve goals. The counselor should encourage students to build socialization skills and participate in interacting with others. The counselor should aim for all students reaching academic achievement and should help students with setting goals for success. Counselors also need to be aware that many students that are abused have a tendency to become suicidal and are subject to inflicting harm to themselves. If a counselor suspect a student is suicidal or is inflicting harm to themselves they are obligated to report it.

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