Being A Teenager Isn 't Easy Essay

Being A Teenager Isn 't Easy Essay

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Being a teenager isn’t easy. You have a lot of things on your mind, a lot of things to worry about, a lot of things to carry and when I mean carry, I mean both physically and mentally. During the 17 years of my life that I have lived so far, I believe that I have never carried this much before. Part of it I think is because it’s senior year. Actually I think that 's the biggest reason why I feel so much pressure on my shoulders. I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree on this, especially if you’ve been through it before. I’m not talking to the adults of course because I know your lives are difficult and what not, but I’m mostly talking to the teens who are currently going through the same stage of life that I’m in right now. Now I’m not saying my life is difficult in any means because I know that I am actually very lucky, but I’m just talking about the things that I carry.
Honestly, the most difficult things to carry are mostly mental. Carrying mental things are tougher than carrying physical things; you can’t escape them unless you find a solution. Say you 're carrying a hundred pound dumbbell: getting tired, and then just drop it! It’s really that simple! But if you were carrying something mental such as losing a basketball game because you missed the game winning shot, then that memory will probably haunt you for a while. What I’m trying to say is that there are a lot of things to carry being a teenager and it’s not easy.
Education has a lot to do with that pressure. I mean the pressure kicks in as soon as you reach the age of 13. You 're trying to get into that big fancy private school with a castle as the cafeteria. But guess what? You’re one of those lucky kids who needs a full scholarship to attend this school and if you...

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... your homework at night and as a result you do poor on your tests and quizzes. Your grades start to drop and it’s all downhill from there. There are probably a bunch of other things that I haven 't mentioned that I have to carry everyday that it makes it stressful.
I’m not trying to make you feel bad for me or anything like that. I know my life isn’t that tough compared to millions of others around the world. All I’m just trying to do is just figure out how to balance all of this. It’s hard carrying all of this around you all day and night. I mean how do you balance pleasing everyone around you, but at the same time caring for yourself and your own health and well being. Maybe in the future when I’m all grown up I’ll look back and think that being a teenager wasn’t so stressful, but as of right now, I’m carrying a lot of things and just trying to balance it all out.

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