Being A Teacher : Becoming A Dance Teacher Essay

Being A Teacher : Becoming A Dance Teacher Essay

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“5, 6, 7, 8!” Are the numbers drilled into a dancer 's head as they learn a new dance from a choreographer or dance instructor. Getting to travel the world teaching dance to many kids is what being a choreographer is all about. Or, just staying in your town and running a dance studio teaching hundreds of kids new, exciting skills and the aspects of dance. Most people do not understand what goes into being a choreographer, all the hard work, traveling, staying up late trying to think of a new formation or a new dance move for a big production coming up. Getting to see how happy a kid gets learning something new is a great benefit of being a dance teacher. One gets to watch the kids they teach grow up and learn new things as if they were one’s own child. Dancers are known to be very disciplined, focused and very successful due to the way they get taught from their instructor. There are many things people do not know about choreographers and they are very underestimated. The life of a choreographer results in many challenges, rewards, and pleasures.
In order for one to understand the career of a choreographer, one must look at the history and how important it is in this field. On July of 1904, the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers (ISTD) was formed (History 1). By 1913, The ISTD had 136 members. ISTD became bigger after World War One and many new types of dance were created such as Classical, Greek Dance, and Natural Movement (History 5). As years went on , many more styles of dance were created: Victorian and Sequence, Latin American, and Scottish. Now, ISTD is in over 50 countries and has over 75,000 members (History 11). A couple centuries after that, the National Dance Council of America was formed in 1948 (NDCA 1). NDCA is th...

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...petitions for jobs, only the dancers that are most talented find a job as a choreographer (Employment 3). From 2006 to 2016, it is expected that it will be harder for choreographers to find a job (Employment 3). As years go on, the public’s interest in dance will sustain large and mid-size dance companies, and the limited funding from the public and private organizations will not be expected to allow for additional dance companies (Editors 8). That is the overall outlook of the job of a choreographer.
choreographers are very underestimated, now that the facts have been shown, one should know more about choreographers and what goes into the job and the history of how the job of a choreographer started. choreographers get to teach and see kids grow up as if they were their own child. It is a very intense job that gets low pay but a lot of enjoyment as a lifelong job.

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