Being A Single Parent Home

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Absent but not absent parent, what does that really mean? Mostly everybody has heard of the term a “single parent home”. But what most do not realize is that, a “single parent home” can take place in situations outside of divorce, death, or abandonment. There is a whole other form of “single parent homes” that people do not even realize exist. What I am referring to is a seemingly “normal” or “average” family unit. A family that has both a mom and dad but one is really not there. Meaning that either the mom or the dad is quote on quote emotionally unavailable. No matter what category it falls under whether it be divorced, abandoned, etc. It all has an effect on the children in those homes. For the majority of the following paper the view point will be one of a absent father, where the mother is the primary parent. The Effect on Children Not having both parents can have different effect depending on what stage of life the person is at. At this point and time, we are focusing on the age group of seven to pre-teen. Having only one parent can cause many different outcomes depending on the situation. Having only on parent present can take many tolls on a child whether it be physical, mental, or both. Mentally an absent father takes a huge toll on the child. Not having a father there when you are young, can start self worth and self esteem issues at a young age. As the child gets older they will realize that the only way to get their fathers attention is to get in trouble. They will start getting in trouble or rebelling against their mother just to try and get their fathers attention. With that comes the possibility of them pulling away form their father even more because the only time he is around is to punish them. It does not ge... ... middle of paper ... ...Not only with my brother and I but people around us. Until I was in fourth grade parents at my school thought my mom was divorced because they had never seen let alone meet my dad. I thought it was funny at the time, but looking back on it I realize how hard it must have been for my mother. My dad did not really participate in our lives till we became older and started doing things on our own. That’s when he started to try and get involved, and when we did not want him to it would start a huge argument. I never did realize why he all of sudden want to be active in my life, so I asked my mom one day. She told me that he finally realized that I was growing up and that he had missed my childhood, and that he did not wan to miss any more of it. My mom is hero in my opinion and she did great filling in for both mom and dad, but I am really glad to have my dad for real.
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