Being a Real American is Not About Where One is Born Essay

Being a Real American is Not About Where One is Born Essay

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The Constitution tells us that if you are born in America you are an American. Any immigrant naturalized in this country is an American. But what characteristics do you think make up a true, real American? Real Americans, by my definition, are not defined by their race, religion, whether they served their country or not, and not by which political party they belong to. They are defined by their great love, respect, and loyalty for this country’s greatest treasure, freedom and the ideals that set America apart from any other country.

The most fundamental of our freedoms is the freedom of speech. Every American is able to exercise his freedom of speech or lack there of, if he is pleading the fifth. But it is the real American that understands and cares about the sacrifices, past and present, needed to provide it. Many American citizens take this right for granted, believing that their citizenship entitles them to it, which it does, but only a real American has a deep respect for this priceless freedom. He understands that he can voice his opinion. He also understands he must st...

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