Being A Physician Became More Evident During Undergraduate Level By Taking Biology

Being A Physician Became More Evident During Undergraduate Level By Taking Biology

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My determination to become a physician became more evident during undergraduate level by taking biology and chemistry as major courses and I was successful in securing admission in medical university. During medical school, I most adored the subjects of family medicine because it covers different sub-specialty like pediatrics, Obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery and emergency medicine. I exclusively liked learning about preventive medicine. Family medicine allows me the opportunity to work with the pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations, a vast and diverse field which requires genuine interest, dedication, and the ability to communicate and relate to patients of all age groups. Family medicine boosted my interest and my journey of learning will continue. Various life practicalities have groomed me for this route. I have worked with kids all my life as a volunteer with various NGO`s since my medical school years. I also had worked in a primary care practice for several years which has helped me to acquire the successful qualities like tolerance, sympathy and excellent clinical skill. In my view family medicine offers every little thing I need in my course, mainly the ability to make a change in the lives of patients while working in a field which I find exciting, challenging, and rewarding. I witnessed how these therapies have impacted the lives of patients and make them accepted into the society in a better way. Family Medicine is challenging but exciting field which is suffering from a shortage of physicians across the country and I wanted to be a part of it to help the undeserved.

My first research topic was an incident that I saw when in 2005; a destructive earthquake hit Islamabad and its adjacent areas of Pakist...

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...earch/ clinical experience abroad and in US, and my ability to work in a team even if there is a stressful working environment, while keeping the flexibility and courtesy to my colleagues at all times. As a resident, I hope to work alongside with experts who can guide me in my clinical development with their years of experience. From them, I wish to learn all about the many aspects of family medicine, including assessment, treatment plans, and partnering with inter-related fields of medicine. I also look forward to get exposed to a diverse patient population and to the various sub-specialties. I intend to volunteer where appropriate, to study further, and give the best services under the guidance of my seniors. I will move toward my goal of helping people who are suffering, trapped by addictions, and desirous of living life within society in a more effective manner.

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