Essay on Being A Nurse Is A Leader

Essay on Being A Nurse Is A Leader

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A leader is described as a person who guides others and has authority and influence over others. They work to influence others into meeting certain goals. There is no right or wrong definition of a leader and there is no recipe that ensures effective leadership. Successful leaders have a good balance of vision, influence, and power. Leaders gain their authority from their ability to influence others to get the work done; because of this, anyone has the potential to be a leader. (Finkelman. 2012, p15)

Being a nurse means being a leader. Nurses make decisions, delegate responsibly, critically think, and act ethically with empathy and integrity. Leaders work to motivate others to reach a common goal. As a nurse, our goal is to advocate for and protect the health, safety, and rights of our patients. In essence becoming a nurse means you have taken on a profession that makes you a leader. Every experience, all the education and knowledge you gain, and the feeling running through you once you graduate and earn that license guide you on the path to leadership. Leadership is something that comes with knowledge and experience. As a new nurse it is my goal to continue my education and immerse myself into every nursing opportunity there is. I want to have a solid foundation to build my career upon and a plethora of experiences to draw from.

Being a nurse for only 9 months and unemployed most of those months I do not have many experiences I can discuss. What I can reflect on is how I have changed as a person since making the choice to begin a career in nursing. Nursing is not the career I was thinking of after graduating high school. At that time, I wanted to be a police officer. Criminal justice was a subject I was very interested in and...

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...s, and inspire them to provide the best of care.” A winning team can be built only through a shared vision and acknowledgement of each team member’s contribution. (Frandsen, B. 2014). My success as a nurse leader will not be by my work alone, I will have my team of great, effective staff behind me. My success will be theirs.

Leadership and nursing go hand in hand. Leaders use critical thinking to solve problems, they teach and mentor others, they provide support, and work to inspire others towards a common goal. They are respected, admired, and trusted. These core elements connect leadership with nursing. Influencing and inspiring others are key components of transformational leadership. They not only allow us to increase leadership skills and abilities, but also help us to navigate the permanent white-water environment of health care. (Govier, I., & Nash, S. 2009).

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