Being A Nurse And Belonging At Nursing Society Essay

Being A Nurse And Belonging At Nursing Society Essay

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Being a nurse and belonging to nursing society is not easy and it requires a lot of hard work and also for individuals to have some outstanding characters in order to be successful. As for me, the related attributes I share with nursing is that I’m compassionate, Honest, and have self-confidence; To me, those are some key elements one need to have in order to fit in the nursing society and in this essay I will be explaining how those key elements relate me to the nursing society.
First of all, being compassionate is a vital element in nursing because it defines the quality of the care being given to patients. Sympathy is a crucial piece of nursing consideration. Exclusively, medical attendants have an obligation to care and show empathy; a nonappearance can prompt patients feeling devalued and not feeling the emotional support they need. Regardless of late media consideration, essential research around patients ' encounters and view of empathy practically speaking and its improvement in nursing care stays hard to come by. Nowadays, with the scientific improvements, many people in the Healthcare field tend to forget that taking care of their patients is their priority. (Moore, 2006, p.16) quoted an anonymous author that “to emphasize is to see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another and to feel with the heart of another”. He also said that “the connection between the client and the clinician is at facilitates a positive influence over treatment is empathy”. I see in myself somebody that is willing to care for others and put in so much effort to be able to make others feel satisfied and happy no matter what their situation is. Being a nurse requires you to put others before you and do everything in order to achie...

... middle of paper ... to myself because I am an individual who has the ability to go through any situation and tell myself that I can do anything if I want and this is the key for me to be able to adapt myself to any situation. Also, I always put myself in other people’s shoe so that I can understand well what they are going through and it is a quality that a nurse must have to be able to make his/ her patients feel better and many patients acknowledge that when they are being taken care of, they recover quickly. The world of nursing needs people that belong to it to be making decisions wisely and think critically before making one; they should be truthful and not say things to either protect themselves when it comes to certain situations. With all the qualities listed above, I strongly believe people who want be part of the nursing world should possess at least one of them like I do.

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