Being A New Best Friend Essay examples

Being A New Best Friend Essay examples

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I tensed. My friends had been blowing me off and this homeschool nonsense ruined my social life. Isolation had become my new best friend given that my actual friends had misguided priorities or never wanted to hang out.
“We always do something. I don’t want to keep bothering you.” I said and Ves frowned. He was about to speak, but couldn’t get a word out before his attention turned elsewhere.
A knock sounded on the door and it was Ava, Vesper’s mom, entering alongside my dad and his girlfriend.
“Hello.” She said curtly.
“What’s up?” I looked at his mom and threw up a peace sign, knowing the remark would irritate her. Vesper stifled a laugh and tried to cover it up with a cough. He looked up from the fridge.
“Hey mom.”
“Vesper, I hope you’re aware that you have a house right next door. It comes with a fridge and oh yeah, a family. Your very own. You can stop playing house here.”
“It seems to be missing a dad.” Vesper shot a cold look to her.
“Always a pleasure, Ava.” Chris said to her.
“How would you feel if Scarlett was next door all the time?”
“I wouldn’t care. It’s next door.”
“It’s okay Mrs. Bates, he’s right here.”
I didn’t think she caught the reference, but Vesper almost choked again.
She scoffed and redirected her attention to Vesper. Macy was scowling at me and I cut my eyes at her until she and my father left to his room. He had requested to speak with her. I was left with Vesper and his mom who was, as usual, upset.
I ate my cereal and watched her apathetically. She never liked me and I doubted she had a good reason why. As they left down the hall, I saw the picture of my mom on my father’s wall above his bed and gagged at Macy being in his room.
Vesper stood tall biting an apple. “Would you like me to come home, mother...

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“Wonderful.” He beamed at her.
“Sebastian and Scarlett are getting their birthday gifts now. I was thinking we could all go to the park afterwards if you’d like?” Alice’s tiny voice reached across the table. “We could have a picnic and visit that thrift store you enjoy so much.”
“I would love that, darling.” Her fragile hands smoothed out the stray hairs on her head and found their way into her lap. Age spots had taken over her face and gray dominated the majority of her hair, but she still had the heart of a kid. On the cue of discussing plans, Lori the caretaker hopped down the stairs in a pair of shrubs. She was holding a plate with a glass of water and a few medication pills on its rim.
“That does sound lovely,” Her radiant smile beamed, “in the meantime, we can get you ready and get some groceries while we wait until they come back?” She offered Ms. Taylor.

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