Being A Natural State, Medicine, And Law Essay

Being A Natural State, Medicine, And Law Essay

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Transgender people, as defined by the Encyclopedia of human services & diversity, are those who “identify with the gender roles of the opposite sex”. (Nance cite) Of course, acceptance is not the first stage of a new concept. As people did not accept them for a natural being, they suppressed their feelings and/or expressed them in private. The world has slowly become accepting, but there is still a ways to go.
Transgender people have been around for centuries, yet they still face problems in the eyes of education, medicine, and law; even, with biological evidence of transgenderism being a natural state. People in these professional fields have the influential advantage over the minds of society and help change discrimination and institutional services through making it more comfortable for transmen and transwomen to go through life.
Previously, it was thought that transgender people develop a sense of their gender during the first four years of life. (Transas City Cite) However, researchers from the University of Vienna have used a modified MRI method to help create a spectrum showing the difference in the features of the networks of the brain. They found men and women are on opposite ends, while many transgender people were found to be in the middle of the spectrum. It is also thought that whether or not testosterone is present during certain points in fetal development can affect the outcome of the person’s biological gender and their gender identity. (Science in transition)
Of course, some still believe gender identity is a learned behavior and believe it can be unlearned. This can lead to conversion therapy, which is supposed to normalize someone that is believed to have the wrong sexual orientation or gender identity. Conve...

... middle of paper ... to provide more outlook on transgender people for her students. She also introduced her students to the idea that transgender is a “”real” biological sex” as Drabinski would put it. (Transgender in women’s study) The transformation of her classroom with transgender studies is eye opening for her students. Perhaps, sexuality and gender identity should become a part of sex education to inform children of the transgender people and different types of sexuality.
The United States of America is filled with barriers and achievements for the transgender community. The struggles are tough and the achievements are just tiny steps toward the main goal of acceptance and inclusion of their being and their needs. There will, of course, always be critics and stones that want to stay put in their thinking. The transgender community will overcome through law and acceptance.

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