Being A Good Person, Compassionate And Loving Person Essay

Being A Good Person, Compassionate And Loving Person Essay

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Virtue ethics is concerned with being a good person and exhibiting good virtues. Using animals for cosmetic testing purposes often times is a clear example of when one lacks virtue and exhibits vices. Being a caring, compassionate and loving person is what one would hope we all strive to be in our everyday life. Virtuous traits must move beyond the inconsistency towards animals and instead should shift these virtues into their consistency, thus including animals in moral value. For the treatment of animals to be improved upon with lasting change and equality, the argument for what is considered virtuous must expand to animals aside from humans.
Compassion is one of the easiest virtues to incorporate into your daily habits. It does not take much knowledge to be compassionate and in many cases, much effort. It is a virtue that many would argue is one that is recognized as being extremely important and a characteristic they would like to see in all people. A compassionate individual cares about those around them, feels sympathy for others in times of struggle, goes out of their way to help someone in need – but often these acts of compassion are absent when it comes to the treatment of animals. For centuries animals have been viewed as inferior to humans, to be used as our possessions to do what we please and it has been this mindset that has often separated virtue ethics from the way in which animals are treated. This failure to recognize the inclusion of animals in their contemplation of actions creates incompleteness to the virtue approach. For virtue ethics, it is simply not enough to be compassionate in some instances and uncompassionate in others, but instead developing good habits that make us a truly virtuous person in o...

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...n which any person can work through and resolve an ethical dilemma with which they may be faced. I found this method to be very useful for working through the issue I presented in this paper due to the fact that it forced me to be unbiased throughout each theory. Choosing to solve the issue through various theories allows one to gain a broader perspective of the matter by viewing the facts of the issue through each of the theories. Although it may not be entirely feasible to work through every dilemma one may face using this particular method, it may be useful when dealing with larger more current ethical issues such as animal testing, gay rights etc. This method is intended to provide a guide to the basics of ethical resolution of conflict through an overview of the ethical theories in a manner that can be utilized by any individual in any situation they may face.

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