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Being A Future Rehabilitation Counselor Essay example

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As a future rehabilitation counselor it is best to visit in person to different agencies. For myself, I was able to visit three different community agency sites and while I was there I was also able to interview several employees and program coordinators. The three site agencies that I visited were the Hilton Head Hospital specify their rehabilitation center, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute and Select Physical Therapy. During the interviews I only asked for the program coordinators and the employee’s first names and when the question of how it has benefited patients (no specific names of clients for confidential purpose).
So the first place that I was able to visit was that of Hilton Head Hospital specifically their rehabilitation center, which is located on the second floor of the hospital. Before conducting my interview and visiting the location I decided to call the center to introduce myself and to set up an interview with two different counselors. So the following day I walked into the rehabilitation center to interview Diane, who is a speech therapist who has works with several disabled individuals and Nicole, who works as an Occupational therapist who also works with several disabled individuals. After introducing myself to them again and giving them some information of why I was there I started my interview. The first question that I asked both was what are the mission and goals of this program/agency. What they both told me was that there is a pamphlet that every patient receives as they start the program and with a mission statement that states that every person who comes into this agency are to be able to reach their own maximal potential. In addition to that, both Diane and Nicole told me that the services provided ...

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...n of working there. Also while I was at the Hilton Head Hospital I was collect information on how their rehabilitation center is different from other center and agencies in the local area. For the second place that I visited was that of Drayer Physical Therapy Institute in which I was amazed of how many different therapies from physical to even trauma therapy are done in such a small place. Lastly my third visit was that of Select Physical Therapy in which I was able to learn that in rehabilitation counseling sometimes when somebody looks different it does not mean that they are disabled or cribbed. In conclusion I was given this grateful opportunity to visit these amazing agencies and in the end I was able to collect countless information that may perhaps be very beneficial as I continue my educational path in the always changing field of rehabilitation counseling.

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