Essay on Being A Friendly And Clean Neighborhood

Essay on Being A Friendly And Clean Neighborhood

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I was raised in a friendly and clean neighborhood in the suburb area of Szeged in Hungary. Everything was close to our house, the school I went to or the pool where I had practice every day. My parents built that house before I was born. They built it in 1992 together. The house contains four bedrooms, two living room, two bathrooms and many other rooms. It was a huge house with a pool outside and two dog in the yard. I loved those dogs. They grew up with us and protected me while I was a child. The street we lived in was very calm and pretty. We barely had some cars pass through, usually someone from the street. I had a really good friendship with my neighbor across the street, and we are still best friends since. We could go out and play anything on the street with no distraction. There was a small store close to our house, so if we needed something fast, we could just get it from there. It wasn’t cheap but it was close. We know the shop assistant/cashier. She was a nice lady. The city we lived wasn’t too big, so everything was close to our house. I could get anywhere with my bike in ten minutes. It was hard to be late from anywhere. The city was calm and peaceful while also beautiful. There were two bridge between the two part of Szeged. There is a river in the middle of the city called Tisza. I usually go and fish in it or boat on it. My city is really famous about its fish soup which is made out of carp and catfish. Also the paprika from my city is one Hungary’s most famous spice. There are also plenty of really good restaurants in the city. I grew up in this city, and it gave me a great childhood while teaching me a couple of lessons, and every time I go back it brings back sweet memories.
Just like everybody else I’ve had...

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...ving to a new city with my mom and brother. I didn’t know the antecedent of this movement, or the divorce but I had to accept it at that moment. Once again in my life a new start became with no friends, or anyone that I would know. Fortunately, or unfortunately I got to the best team in the country that time. It was a challenge to catch up to them. At first point my coach didn’t believe in me because I was weak and slow. Later on, I proved that he was wrong and did what no one believed, I got faster and faster and with that, stronger too.
After my receiving my high school diploma I decided that I want to continue my studies in the United States. Now I’m having the greatest challenge of my life by studying here, try to get a four-year degree and stay in the US if it’s possible. This is my greatest goal at the time and I will not give up on it until I accomplish it.

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