Essay on Being A Female Male Dominant Facilities

Essay on Being A Female Male Dominant Facilities

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Being a woman working in male dominant facilities is hard in many ways, but being a woman and working as a Correctional Officer in men’s prisons shines a different light on what women endure when it comes to fitting in. Tokenism becomes the first big issue along the lines of being a female correctional officer. Tokenism, the practice of hiring or appointing a token number of females in order to deflect criticism or comply with the affirmative action rules (Cheeseman, K.A. and W. Goodlin-Fahnck. 2011). Researchers feel that facilities only hire females in male dominant job fields to keep away all the critics and to avoid a lot of negative attention from people outside of the facilities. For example, if there was a hiring manager at a grocery store who only felt to hire Caucasian associates, they would hire only a token or small portion of minorities to avoid criticism from outsiders.
There are a series of consequences that come with tokenism in the workplace. (1) they are highly visible, and so capture a disproportionate share of the others’ awareness; (2) their presence polarizes the differences between tokens and dominants; and (3) their attributes become distorted to fit the dominants and stereotypes about tokens (Jurik, N.C. 1985). Nancy explains that tokenism consequences can lead to mass attention to the facility and how the cause of tokenism can shape the company into a stereotypical workplace. These aspects can affect the development and view one has on that particular workplace.
In prison, the correctional officer turnover rate has increased tremendously over the decades. Due to this, many departments in the prison has been left understaffed which eventually leads to disarray. In a prison that is filled with dangerous peop...

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...plete explanations of the difficulties that women experience in nontraditional occupations (Jurik, N.C. 1985). This research emphasizes that stereotyping in the workplace is real and has a lot to do with the gender role that has taken place throughout the years.
In addressing the issue of stereotyping in the workplace, women should continue to stand their ground. Having a backbone in a male dominant occupation is the most important way to make everyone overlook the fact that there are women working in male dominant jobs and that will not stop them from continuing. Researchers feel that the more women get themselves involved in the male occupations, the more it becomes understood that women are capable of doing what men do. If given enough time and opportunity, women could possibly stand above the men in the job that for hundreds of years came across as male dominant.

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