Being A Diplomat Within Space Essay

Being A Diplomat Within Space Essay

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His mother was a Diplomat within space. She came to Earth well to a help with their problem with war and a good problem with destroying thing. She fell in love with the male farmer that is and well things went well with their relationship. They discuss it the whole mating thing before becoming mate and what is expect. They had to make sure it was well okay with the elder that is her mother parent before actual mate. They had discussed how to raise it and they decide best opinion was first artificial insemination the first one and well reason was simple between the two of them because they want to make sure both species could breed already and want to take safety precautions as they did so.

Before they would do that and well they also want to make sure thing were good and well for him. Well, it turns out thing well were good between the two. In some issue with species there was a problem with them in one issue that they had been well with funny ears and well things happened and yeah there was some problems. That mother parent decides that they would let the species raise as the human being instead of other worldly cultures because the first child did not seem any power. That decides to wait awhile the first child was born April 20th of that mouth. There was celebration mouth after that birth because they finally found a person where there were not many problems such as baby come out dead. It would mouth after the celebration and well drink his mother conception on that day.

His mother realize was pregnant with Zosime which was not planned. That is his mother went to check with her parents. Things seem already from what they tell that Zosime seem normal and well healthy and well technology they brought with was quite something to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ut a job of criminal activities. At one point he slept with the priest that sleeps with him and got few buck. He had no real feeling for what he had done. He got enough money and was able to get on the plane for San Fransico. He was able to a do that one goal of his that is. He meets few other local thugs who show how to pick pocket that takes they took under wings well start to teach him things on how pickpocket. That is they never bring up the injury that he substance by his stepmother. He never brings it up because he never wants to talk about it. That has they let him drive the getaway car for the bank heist and well gave him money. He uses some money for pain medication because he was pain from what step mother had done. He gave some money to poor people that he got. He look like he went through war upon seeing that is and that is his body does upon meeting him.

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