Being A Christian With A Love For Missions Made Me A Better And More Essay example

Being A Christian With A Love For Missions Made Me A Better And More Essay example

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What if I said that being a Christian with a love for missions made me a better and more

successful nurse? Most would probably disagree, saying that one 's personal belief and views

should not mix with his or her job in the nursing field. In some ways this may be true, but I still

disagree. For someone like me, the "job" as a nurse is actually fueled by love for people and

their well being, making it a vocation. When I worked as a CNA I noticed most of my peers

made comments like, "I can 't wait to be a nurse so I can stop wiping butts." I never felt that

way, I loved caring for people, leaving my shift with cleaner, happier and more comfortable

patients than when I arrived. That gave me joy, going above and beyond for another person

with no immediate personal gain.

When I interviewed Torie Dailey, RN-BSN at Mayo Clinic she agreed that it was

patience and love for people that made her so successful and how she continues to grow more

successful! She shared her story of dealing with a patient of another race, and how her kindness

and patience healed a wound that was not just physical with that patient. The patient even wrote a

high review to her supervisor. This is why to be a successful nurse, I believe one must have experience with various cultures, a willingness to connect with people who do not believe what

we believe, and a love for caring for people that transforms a job field into a vocation.

I love culture. There is something beautiful about the diversity of the world and the various sorts of people one can encounter through their lifetime. So, when I became a Christian it only felt natural to have a love and passion for local and international missions. My first...

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... I will need to be set apart and fruitful in my field.
As mentioned previously, I believe my passion as a believer will transform my job into a vacation. I feel as if God has called me to nursing, and that I should give it nothing less than one hundred percent. This attitude will be combined with my experience, and future experience, with missions and travel. Such events in my life give me experience with culture and other ways of life and opposing views. This makes me flexible and adaptable, which is crucial in a high stress environment like the nursing field. Having understanding makes me willing to meet others where they are at, I do not need them to validate my beliefs. Rather, my beliefs should compel me to have love, compassion and value for others wellbeing. I truly believe if one can obtain all of these things, he or she can be at the top of their field.

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