Essay on Being A Black Snake Through The Desert

Essay on Being A Black Snake Through The Desert

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Her fingers gripped the burning hood of the sports car as she held it open and peered down at the lifeless engine while the summer heat burned at her exposed skin. She mumbled foul words under breathe as she stepped back in defeat of revving the engine that was leaking high volumes of smoke. With her hands in her blonde hair she spun around in the dirt to scan the crumbling road beside her that stretched on like a black snake through the desert. It was a mistake taking a backroad out her in the west, for in the twenty minutes she’s been stranded she hasn’t seen another vehicle.

“You stupid piece of junk,” she hissed at the exotic she picked up a few towns back.

Perspiration slide down her temples as she walked over to the passenger door. She yanked open the door in disgust and took out her worn duffle bag. After a few seconds of shifting the items within she pulled out a cigarette, liter and her satellite phone, the only type of phone that worked after the grid collapsed. When America started to crumble from within the structure took a dramatic twist and how it used to run became a thing of the past. It a few short years America stopped being so united and the hemispheres started to operate on their own, forgoing the unity that held in places for hundreds of years. The infrastructure within was cracked and society was spinning into a new era.

The young women clicked at the phone, but it would not light up. “What a splendid day,” she mumbled as she shoved the dead phone into her pocket and then lit the cigarette. With it in hand she stepped around the back of the car, leaned against the number, and watched the horizon for life, a scare things in these parts.

All around her was an endless stretch of desert with the sil...

... middle of paper ...

...h.” Amber jogged over to the sportswear to collect her few belongings. She slung the duffle bag over her back, something heavy and metal shifted within the weathered material.

“You can sit in the front,” offered Mia as she climbed into the backseat of the truck.

“Thank you, doll.” Amber hoped up into the passenger seat, the bag resting on her lap as she buckled in. The radio was humming a faint rock song and she could still feel sweat slipping down from her forehead and chest. The feel of the cool AC hitting her skin made her head spin. “I can’t thank you two enough for being so kind to offer help and taking me with you,” she continued saying as Lucas put the truck into drive and pulled back onto the road, just messing a pothole with the front right wheel. “I’m mean you just don’t know who you could pick up out here.” She smiled, it did not reach her eyes.

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