Beijing Air Pollution At Beijing Essay

Beijing Air Pollution At Beijing Essay

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According to the book Ten Letters (Saslow, 2011) in Chapter 7, the environment of Mexico has been endangered many years because of the poured oil, a video clip shows that “a geyser of black oil spewing from a pipe on the ocean floor, building into a cloud, and then mixing with the clear water until it painted the entire video screen grey” (p. 169). Therefore, protecting our environment is becoming more and more important. Beijing, the capital of China, also faced the environment problem---air pollution. Beijing has suffered from serious air pollution for many years. The sky of this city usually shows grey, also because of the acrid odor of the air, majority people are wearing the mask to prevent the air pollutants from getting into their body. (“Beijing Air”,2014). Beijing has recently cancelled some flights because of a cold front dispersing pollution which blocking people’s view (“Beijing Air”,2016). Also, when air pollution keeps students indoor, the local government decide to stop schools and offering classes online (Florcruz, 2013). The severe air pollution interrupts our daily life and does great harm to our body. Therefore, how to reduce air pollution is the main task of the government.

What cause the severe air pollution?

As we all know, air pollution is consisting of numbers of pollutants, one of the main pollutants cause the air pollution problem in Beijing is called PM2.5. According to the picture above, we can see some main causes for air pollution are “Pollution from districts around Beijing”, “Direct and indirect vehicle emissions” and coal burning by the industry. A manufacturing plant will emissions a lot of smoke and fume into the air. These smoke are high levels of carbon monoxide also some chemicals. It is ...

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...It shows that these policies are work to reduce the air pollution. Therefore, these ways are the best temporary solutions to prevent the severe air pollution in Beijing.
In the contemporary society, Beijing’s government trying to use shut down or move out the factories, carry out end-number license plate policy and lottery license plate policy to reduce the air pollution, and it does works but some other lasting solutions are the critical to the long-term future of Beijing. In conclusion, individuals should pay more attention to prevent our environment today. As the proverb goes, many hands make light work. Reducing the air pollution not only the responsibility of the local government but also rely on citizens’ effort. Do you have any other good suggestions to reduce the air pollution in Beijing? If the answer is yes, please share with me without hesitate!

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