Behind The Beautiful Forever By Katherine Boo Essay

Behind The Beautiful Forever By Katherine Boo Essay

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An assumption expressed all over the world is that poverty stricken areas have an inherent absence of hope and therefore, the inhabitants live purely for survival. Quite a misconception, as in the novel Behind the Beautiful Forever, captures a rather emotional span of three years in the life of the Indian slums. Katherine Boo’s book introduces a humane quality of these people, not that of savage survival. She bestows upon the reader an insiders look at the importance of hope and suffering and constructive forces within a slum. Globalization helps to influence hope by allowing better opportunities to improve life. Hope and suffering are emotions that every human is capable of beholding, and the book accuses the reader of viewing people of low income as insensible.
Globalization contributes heavily to the strength of hope anyone has. In the case of the Annawadi slum dwellers, the geography of where they built their villages lack the robust geographical features they could use to live or profit from. They only had one small polluted stream running through town and a lake full of trash. The global influence of Mumbai brought an international airport along with international travelers that in turn, brought money into the area. Some of the citizens were able to find jobs at hotels and the airport, and the Husains were able to establish a recycling business from the travelers. Globalization catalyzes the ability to make a living and feed a family in geographically bare areas. Conversely, globalization does not hold all answers because the income from jobs in Mumbai are not largely profitable, but it does offer a way to improve life and boost hope to eventually relocate to affluent geographies. But even with the effects of globaliz...

... middle of paper ... back from the juvenile jail, he visited Haji Ali, a muslin gathering place, where he could “fill his heart” (Boo 220). Hope and suffering have taken materialistic things from the Husains but has been constructive in a mental and spiritual aspect of their lives. Asha may have more money, but her family members are foreign to each other. Hope and suffering have strengthened the Huasins in the intangible virtues of their lives.

Globalization provides more chance to yield higher incomes and bring jobs and forms of incomes to geographical deprived areas. With these opportunities, hope is more observed among the people, however so is suffering. The people of poverty stricken areas are not just animals trying to survive, but have beliefs and prayers that leaving the slums is tangible. What hope warrants is a constructive growth within a family or in personal virtues.

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