Behavioral Modification With A Therapeutic Living Environment And Addicts

Behavioral Modification With A Therapeutic Living Environment And Addicts

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To answer the first question I like where I work and what we do here. I work for Seadrunar it is a behavioral modification with a therapeutic living environment and its addict help addict. We work with all types of people and cultures, age that range from 18 and up. We as counselor spend a lot of time with the client’s one on one and in group like settings. With that said I do not have a preference that I want to work with as long as it is not adolescents. I feel that I would not have the patients for it and would not be as affective for that very reason.
Why I have picked this environment to work in is I believe in this program and what I have personality seen it do for people. I know that for a person to change it first must start with the behavior and the change in thinking. If these things happen in the client’s thoughts and behaviors then they have a chance at recovery. It is also long term treatment program that allows client’s a chance to start again in a safe environment.
The strategies that I find that I would be comfortable using would be first behavioral working through, work through feelings and then work though interaction and relationship patterns. I feel that these are important to work on because a lot of the time our clients fall short of processing through these. In my time as a counselor I have begun to really see that they have behaviors that complicate their thoughts and feelings when it comes to relationship and interactional patterns. The behavioral aspect I find the most important and the hardest for our clients to start.
I often ask my client what they need to work on and they will usually never have an answer for me, I ask them what behaviors that hold them back and again they want to blame others or t...

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...on for some of my responses I do not like grey area’s I am very black and white and find that a lot of the client’s like grey they live in it., but this is also a strong point for me people respond to it very well and tend to listen more to what I have to say. This is also something that I am not willing to change but am willing to fine tune.
With that said as long as I stay true and honest to myself and to the clients that come and go on my caseload I know that I will be the best counselor that I can be. I know that we did not pick this line of work for the money but simply for the people that we would be helping on a day to day basis they are what matters. I love to learn new things and techniques for clients to help them get where they want to go. I have begun to really talk with others that share in what we do and get there in put on things and what they do.

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