Behavioral Intervention Plan For Teaching The Replacement Behavior Essay

Behavioral Intervention Plan For Teaching The Replacement Behavior Essay

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1. Behavioral intervention plan:
a. Specify goals and objectives (conditions, criteria for acceptable performance) for teaching the replacement behavior(s).
Goal #1 During academic tasks, George will remain in his seat (unless permission is given). Teacher will collect data and document it accordingly (i.e. work completed, number of cues given).
• When provided with a desktop activity, George will complete the task with three out-of-seat behaviors (bathroom use, tissues, sharpen pencil, throwing away trash, etc.)
• When provided with a desktop activity, George will complete the task with two out-of-seat behaviors (bathroom use, tissues, sharpen pencil, throwing away trash, etc.)
• When provided with a desktop activity, George will complete the task with one of fewer out-of-seat behaviors (bathroom use, tissues, sharpen pencil, throwing away trash, etc.)
Goal #2 During academic tasks, George will increase on task behaviors by completing his work independently and not disrupting his peers by talking. This will be measured through teacher observation and documentation of data (i.e. work completed, number of cues given, disruptive interruptions.)
• When provided with an academic, George will remain focused and on task (facing forward, not distracting/interacting with peers) for five consecutive minutes.
• When provided with an academic, George will remain focused and on task (facing forward, not distracting/interacting with peers) for ten consecutive minutes.
• When provided with an academic, George will remain focused and on task (facing forward, not distracting/interacting with peers) for fifteen consecutive minutes.

b. Specify instructional strategies that will be used to teach the replacement behavior(s)....

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...e behavioral plan, George was constantly out of his seat and distracting his peers. This greatly impacted his academic success. George was unable to work independently before the plan was put into place.
It was also helpful that George was given regimented, strict guidelines to follow. One of the greatest resources was George’s communication journal. Rather than speaking out or distracting the class, he would use his journal to write something down and was able to reflect on his at an appropriate time. George is highly motivated by positive reinforcement. I found that by allowing him to “choose” his reward was extremely effective. He was able to process that by doing his work and following the rules, he would be rewarded. Though George still has behavioral gains to make, this behavioral plan provides him with the ability to achieve academic and behavioral success.

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