The Behavioral Health Of Mental Illness Essays

The Behavioral Health Of Mental Illness Essays

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The behavioral health field has been in the mist of changes and challenges. Some challenges faced are: consumer expectations, financial stability, regulation standards, retention (SUO, 2016, para. 2 &3). For many consumers, they do not actively seek behavioral health care from a specialist but from their primary care physician (PCP). When it comes to PCPs they evaluate the patient/consumer or family member’s concerns by conducting surveys or behavioral health assessments and tend to prescribe a pharmacological solution. Issues that can arise from a PCP treatment is: ineffective assessment or diagnosis, wrong pharmacological treatment, and a quick treatment does not always mean an extended fix. “However, it has been demonstrated, especially with the more severe forms of mental illness, that pharmacological treatment alone is not as effective as psychotherapy and medications combined (SUO, 2016, para. 1).” Stigmas and stereotypes surrounding behavioral health has kept some consumers from actively seeking care from a behavioral health professional. To face this problem behavioral health professionals, have changed their focus of their care and advertisement on the expectations of the consumer.
Behavioral health professionals are more than a psychologist or a psychiatrist, they can be social workers, nurses, and clergy. Many of these professionals have attended many years of schooling-bachelors to doctorate, causing a rift in retention when a person retires or resignations from a position. “The 2000 census revealed that the behavioral health field will be serving a more ethnically diverse consumer population, with increasing proportions of juveniles in coming years (Orr, 2004, p. 6).” Seniors will consist of baby boomers, l...

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...ets. It is usually a primary care provider that is the first to care for a patient with a behavioral health concern, often treating with pharmaceuticals before a referral. Care from a primary care provider may cause misdiagnoses or an over medicated state, as well as the lack of therapeutic sessions either in a group or alone. Retention is another hurdle that behavioral health must face, between retirements and wages, come 2050 there may not be enough care takers for the growing baby boomer population. Financial stability may become a larger stressor as more baby boomers reach the age to be place into long-term care. Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse the total amount associated with the long-term care from health care or behavioral health. Administrators face challenges with the highly restrictive regulations that are placed on a facility by Medicare.

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