The Behavioral Health And Wellness Programs Essay

The Behavioral Health And Wellness Programs Essay

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Fils-Aime stated he began his role as the Behavioral Health and Wellness Programs Manager in his in February 2012. He stated he is responsible for the overall Health and Wellness programs to include managing budget, hiring staff, and following the mission of the department. He supervised Hayes and Black, who have now moved into different roles within the agency. Fils-Aime stated he and previous co-worker, James Allen, developed a strategic plan with specific goals and objectives. He said the program has been running excellent, and it is one of the most successful programs in the department since its inception. The program has great outcomes, and the grantor has seen the results of their work as a team.

Fils-Aime stated the chain of command consisted of Black reporting to Hayes, and Hayes reporting directly to Fils-Aime until Hayes promoted to a new position in 2015. Black started reporting to him when Hayes left. Fils-Aime stated the team met every Monday to review the events from the past week and goal-set for the following week.

When asked if there was ever a time when he...

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