Behavioral Education in Public Schools Essay

Behavioral Education in Public Schools Essay

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What do you think of when you hear the word “Behavioral Education”? Unfortunately, the children in these classes are usually stereotyped as the “future criminals of America”. Fortunately, due to the dedication of behavioral self-contained teachers, these children are striving to become functioning members of society everyday. With just a little patience, consistency, and a strict class setting- these kids are transforming and are constantly beating the odds. With the right understanding types of behavioral education settings, reasons behind behaviors, classroom management, and behavior management it becomes easy to understand how these “problem children” are so easily converted of their ways after only a year or two within these programs.

Four main types of behavioral education exist today. Self-contained classes in public schools, behavioral programs at special needs schools, alternative schools, and hospital schooling. Although in different settings, the same concepts are followed in each different type of school.

A public school behavioral class is usually a child’s last chance to change before being placed out of district. These classes are under the branch of special education. They are popular due to the fact that the district isn’t responsible for paying to place a child in a different school.

Once a child is taken out of district however, the guardian has two options. These are between a Special Services school and an Alternative school. Both have behavioral classes and guidelines for these types of children. These schools are usually more strict, but follow many of the same practices as the public schools. Typically, Alternative schools are usually aimed at middle schoolers and high schoolers though.

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...anding how to properly run a behavioral program is the best way to initiate success. With the knowledge of the different class settings, reasons for behavior, classroom management, and behavioral management these children will be well on their way to eliminating these issues all together.

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