Behavioral Approach to Management Essay

Behavioral Approach to Management Essay

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Organization behavior refers to analysis of personal and group dynamics in their work place setting, and also the characteristics of the organization itself. This analysis is a necessity in comprehending how people will behave when subjected to the work environment. The results of the analysis are useful in taking care of the behaviors that may be unnecessary to the organization (Ashraf, n.d p156).
The individuals employed in an organization and the respective group attitude is a major factor that is used to evaluate the performance of the organization. Attitude demonstrates an individual’s preference towards: other people, occurrences, different objects, and activities that take place in his or her immediate surrounding or environment. The constant changing technological level has made it important for the analysis of workers attitude with reference to their daily activities, remunerations granted, advancing levels, and supervision in the organization. Any deviation of an employee’s attitude from normal affects the quality of service delivered depending on the area that the employee works (Rana, n.d).
Behavior variations in any organization take the form of conflict in most cases. This arises as a result of various competitions experienced in the organization. These competitions may be from individual persons or certain groups in the organization. The competition is basically directed towards gaining material resource, having a voice in decision making, command for a certain attention and status position. With this in mind, many organizations therefore make efforts to establish a social change in their various systems of management at all times. This is normally achieved through creation and reviewing of various governing p...

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...a need for these individuals to create a working relationship. This can be steered easily if the leaders of various groups understand the different ways of handling different kind of attitudes among individuals. This is only possible if the military incorporates in its management system a behavioral approach.

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