Essay The Behavior Of Killer 's Display

Essay The Behavior Of Killer 's Display

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A. The behavior that killer’s display is for the most part, modal behaviors accepted in our open society. These people can be charismatic, intelligent, hard-workers, and even cordial. Therefore, no one would ever suspect of his or her genuine emotions; serial killers are considered skillful in their presentation.
1. One of the most notorious emotions of a killer is the lack of empathy. These people do not have the ability to care for other people’s pain, fear, sadness, disgust, or anger.
B. Serial killers have a mental illness or disorder that can be categorized as psychopathy or antisocial personality. However, not all offenders are psychopaths nor antisocial.
1. Psychopathy personality is a mental disorder in which individuals are often violent or dangerous, but they do not display this behavior up front, as they have the capacity to use their superficial charm. The term sociopath comes at play whenever these killers have caused harm to a higher number of individuals in society. Psychopaths are pathological liars, manipulative, have a sense of grandiosity, vanity, selfishness, impulsivity, lack remorse, and guilt. Therefore, they are callous, have a shallow affect, and cannot feel the emotions of others. For the most part, these people do not take responsibility for their choices; consequently, they tend to blame their misfortunes, misbehaviors, and actions to others. In addition, there is such instrument like the Psychopath scale created by Dr. Robert Hare. This tool is helpful to assess the psychopathy of incarcerated males, and it is reliable to understand how individuals behave in society and their personality traits. However, the psychopathy scale it is only used within criminals.
2. Antisocial personality is a disord...

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...born that way, and that it is their environment- surroundings where the mind of a killer is born or made. However, if we examine these two components together, we can gather that the end product of a human’s mind and actions is the end result of the nature and nurture components.
1. During the early stages of a child it is imperative for the parents to provide a set of values, education, ethics, and healthy social interactions. Otherwise, the child will most likely acquire good or bad behaviors and traits from his or her surroundings.
a) Influential people in a child’s life for the most part are their parents, peers, siblings, and people in their surrounding area. For an instance, their teachers, friends, and neighbors. All of these people have their own unique traits and characteristics, and weather we realized it or not, these traits can be passed on to others.

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