The Behavior Of Being A Personality Disorder Essay

The Behavior Of Being A Personality Disorder Essay

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For the zaps, one of the lab that I’ve first started with “Narcissism.” Narcissism was expressed as to self-loving oneself also could mean being egoistic. Although it can be assumed to be a personality disorder, but it should be diagnosed by professionals rather than diagnosing one’s self. Evident of being a narcissist can be hard to see to begin with due to charm in first glance, but once you get to know someone who is a narcissist then it becomes obvious due to their self-center acts as well as being quite aggressive if others think otherwise, saying that the person is wrong, of them. It was debated to be increasing over time in the US, but was found to be too insignificant to be an issue. In this lab that I have taken, I have gone through a series of choices that best measures one self’s narcissism. The result of my choices came to be a surprise to me rather than average narcissism, I got low due to my score being 12; the average score is 35 points and above is where it gradually becomes high narcissism. There are different levels of narcissism in everyone while I have low narcissism, it could mean that I am more selfless in result.
Following after is the “Big Five,” this is described to be based on a person’s personality traits and trait approach by which differs as an individual. The Big Five are abbreviated to OCEAN: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It is used to categorize personality traits that can be used for any cultural or age which was found to make it more reliable for finding different aspects of a person or an individual. The experience that is given to gather up my data, I had to go through a list of traits either applies to me or doesn’t by rating it to whi...

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...emember the first few and last words rather than the list of items in between. You are usually reciting the first few words before everything becomes harder to recollect, the end of the list of items is easy to recall due to being the recent item although it gradually disappears due to time difference therefore leaving the primary effect to remain in long-term memory. In the lab, I am shown a list of twelve words for five trials each and I record as many words that I recall. The pattern of the effect is that the list of words given to me could be related to one thing therefore I would put down such a pillow and bed would be in the list of items, but I put blanket as to being similar to being on a bed. In result of the data, I found that I recalled mostly the fourth item in the list although it was rather low percentage to how many of the items I was able to remember.

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