Essay on The Behavior Management Policy At St John 's Regional College

Essay on The Behavior Management Policy At St John 's Regional College

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The behaviour management policy at St John’s Regional College [SJRC] is practiced by a majority of the teaching staff at the school and through analysis of interviews with staff and students and observations, it is evident that the policy supports the pedagogical approaches espoused and practiced by the school. Through reflection it is clear that the restorative practice elements of the policy would be implemented in my own classroom and are also supportive to my developing teacher identity.

The policy reflected in teaching practices:

The policy appears to be reflected in a majority of the teacher’s practices with only some teachers deviating from the policy in their responses to poor behaviour. The policy expects ‘teacher responses will be restorative in nature... [with teachers seeking] to support restoration of relationships’ (Appendix a, p. 7). This was evident in the practice of Teacher C who states she has ‘discussions with students about their behaviour, attempting to ascertain the reason behind it and making sure they understood why [she was] unhappy with them’. Student C confirms that some teachers are pleasant in their response to bad behaviour and these are the teachers he is more likely to respond to. Students A, B and C, all say some teachers, however, are strict and often to yell too much, which they respond negatively towards.

The policy also asks for teachers to ‘avoid power plays and arguments [and] act in a way to minimize embarrassment’ (Appendix a, p. 7). This was observed in the practice of Teacher C when a student was misbehaving she approached him and quietly directed his focus back to his work by complimenting his drawing skills. Teacher B also followed the policy, by quietly asking a student to stay...

... middle of paper ...

...sibility for determining rules and consequences’ within the classroom. This helps students feel included in the behaviour management process and reinforces positive learning relationships. The policy supports my belief as it states that ‘the person primarily responsible for managing student the student’ (Appendix A, p. 1).

Through the analysis of the policy, in conjunction with the observations and interviews conducted at the school, it is evident that the policy is utilised in teaching practices of a majority of teachers at the school, whilst also supporting their pedagogical approaches. Analysing the policy has led to an understanding of how it would be implemented within my own classroom, and how it informs my developing teacher identity through focusing on positive teacher-learner relationships, restorative practice and student responsibility.

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