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Over the past two years of teaching, I have integrated the classroom behavioral management approaches of humanist tradition, applied behavior analysis, and classroom management tradition in my classroom. Each approach provided a unique benefit and definitely aided in the success of my classroom instruction. Even though I did not realize at that time the “terms” of these varying approaches, I inadvertently was implementing them. I realize now how they assisted in my effective classroom management plan.
One of my strengths as a teacher is my ability to relate and communicate with my students. When looking at the humanist approach to classroom management, it focuses on the inner thoughts, feelings, psychological needs, and emotions of the individual student (1). Humanist approaches emphasize the importance of allowing the student time to control their own behavior. At the beginning of the year I wrote on the board, “Let’s keep SMALL problems small”. Through discussion, they understood that I wanted to address issues when they were small and not allow them to escalate. I wanted them to “own” their behavior and indicate to me if they were making the appropriate choices. This definitely utilized the humanistic tradition in my classroom management and emphasized the critical role of communication and problem solving between teacher and students.

This use of humanist tradition in my classroom management was evident because my primary focus was their inner thoughts and feelings. Making them own their behavior gives them with an opportunity to develop control over their behavior rather than being adamant on changing immediately. At teachable moments, I pointed to the posters in my room as interventions for self-guided...

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...e different approaches will make for a successful year!

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