Behavior Is Most Influenced by the Nurturing of Our Parents Essay example

Behavior Is Most Influenced by the Nurturing of Our Parents Essay example

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A person’s behavior is influenced by the way their parents’ raised them. Being nurtured by someone at such a young age, many do not realize how much of an influence their parent was to their development. People only understand the significance of parenting until they start tending their own children. Parenting is more important and has a long-term effect on children than what most parents assume. It is vital for parents to realize that every action they conduct is significant in a child’s development and how content and prosperous children become in upcoming years. The most beneficial approach to nurture children is authoritative parenting style, which has been proven to result in the most happiest and successful children in life.
Parents throughout the world nurture and raise their children using three, but not limited to, different parenting styles: authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. Authoritarian parenting style, also labeled as dictatorial or harsh, categorizes the “because I said so” parents (Vivo 1). These extremely strict parents set firm rules, instruct, discourage conversation, and expect orders to be obeyed with no questions asked. An authoritarian parent controls their children as they are strict on discipline and are highly controlling, demanding, and directive. Their high expectations are enforced and they stress obedience. These parents express a low amount of warmth, nurture, and sensitivity. Parents, usually only showing little affection, only express love and acceptance only when their child behaves properly.
Authoritarian parenting style outcomes are quite negative in its influences to every child. As parents do not teach the importance of communication, children learn to not discuss issues with their...

... middle of paper ... emotional health (Tatum 2). Authoritative parenting style might not work for every household; nonetheless it results in the happiest, most successful people in life.
Authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative parenting styles all have different outcomes and influences children in various ways. There is no perfect way to nurture children; however, authoritative parenting style is highly recommended to benefit a child’s development. Authoritative parenting style has been supported to be the far greatest influential technique to develop children; thus resulting in the most merry and prosperous children in life. To result in a contented, healthy, and successful household, parents from all around the world should consider approaching authoritative parenting style when raising their children as it is the most effective way to help form a more perfect family.

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